The Future Has Arrived, It Has Not Been Evenly Distributed This was posted by Ian Jukes, a remarkable man I met and worked with starting back in the mid-1990’s. Our conversations, his work, and the books written and published by he and his group were guiding lights during my career from that point on. If I were as young, smart, and good looking now as I was then when we were working on moving education into the possibilities that came with emerging technologies, I would be serious looking at the implications of AI and how it will transform what we do, and how we do it. Whether we like it or not. Back in the day, committed to it so my kidds would have greater opportunities than I did. Would do it now so my grandkidds could have better opportunities than their parents did. But my day is passed, hopefully someone will take the baton, and find their “Ian Jukes”to help guide them on their journey. Proud to have been a Committed Sardine!

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