One Word – Thrive

My One Word for this year is Thrive.

Most things that we thought we knew about schools, teaching, and learning, have changed. I, for one, hope we never return to what we were in March, 2020. It’s time for many of us to rethink the Holy Strategic Plan and start over from Square 1.

There is no history lesson more crucial that this: “Yesterday’s methods can only yield yesterday’s results.”

That’s why we must focus on new growth, new opportunities, whole new dimensions in quality, productivity, and the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

From the certainty of all that has been, we launch into the not yet discovered, the not yet achieved, the not yet mastered.

What the future holds is a shining new destiny for those with the courage to embrace change, to seize the opportunities of the here and now, and to welcome the dawning of a new day.

I will not just survive in this year, I will thrive.

And so it goes…

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