Random thoughts during the Children’s Sermon at my church today.

After the proper set-up about how Valentine’s Day is about sharing with people you love, Pastor gave each child a couple of Valentine’s chocolates.  Said they could keep one, but had to give the other one away.  He asked them who they were going to give it to.  Needless to say, after giving little kids chocolates and asking them a question, he quickly lost control of the conversation.

Got me thinking about many conversations I have had over the years with parents and kids about choices they make.

It isn’t that we aren’t giving kids the opportunity to make choices, but we certainly want to protect them from the consequences of less than great ones.  And miss out on the subsequent SLO (Significant Learning Opportunity.)

It appears that many of us want rights without responsibilities.  We love taking advantage of the outcome.  Wish that more of us wanted to be part of the process.

That’s what I am thinking today, what are you thinking?

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